Exceptional beer and food pairings right to your home

The Dashing Rogue is bringing back the dinner party, and not only are you invited - you're the host!


With the Dashing Rogue team it's possible to have an elegant beer pairing dinner that's customized to your taste, diet, and beer preferences, all within the comfort of your own home! From an adventurous dining experience to a quality feel-good food event, we tailor each beer pairing dinner to you and your guests. The result is a gourmet experience we know you'll love.


As an added bonus, we explain each pairing in detail - why we chose it, why it works, and a little about the brewers themselves. We're also happy to put our extensive beer knowledge to good use to answer any lingering questions you may have.


We do it all, from the cooking and the pairings to the dishes - we even take the garbage at the end of the night. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the best (and easiest) dinner party you've ever thrown!


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