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Dashing Rogue, LLC is a Pennsylvania based company focused on bringing an exceptional beer experience to anyone who wants to learn. Uniting three friends: Shannon (your Beer Mistress), Ian, and Jasen with a background in performance, the culinary arts, and microbrew appreciation, Dashing Rogue’s vision was a natural combination of many loves.


Dashing Rogue strives to be a comprehensive craft beer resource providing: reviews, pairing ideas, recipes, podcasts and customized beer pairing dinners highlighting the possibilities and tasty opportunities that await the microbrew adventurous. Jasen’s technical expertise combined with Shannon and Ian’s performing and eating talents, make a perfect partnership and a great opportunity for you to learn more about craft beer!


For Rogue fans in the northeastern United States, Dashing Rogue partners Shannon and Ian also provide customized beer pairing dinners in your home. Determined to make memorable, beer-focused events, the pair work with you to make an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, while catering to your beer and food tastes.  From 5 casual courses to an 8 course elegant evening, the pair will make any event to your specifications, and make YOU the star of the show.


True appreciators of fine beer and cuisine, the Dashing Rogue team provides up to date feedback and tips for their followers by connecting via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes). Providing a service that transcends cravings, trends, and tastes we invite you to join the Dashing Rogue on a culinary experience that will tantalize your palate, delight your senses, and impress your guests. We're bringing back the dinner party, and you're invited.

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